Analysing People – Now, that’s never been this Easy

When you are about to attend a session, you obviously will be pumped up. When the speaker is been invited by you, it would be double good. And when the speaker is a person whom you consider as one of your own mentors? Wow. That is the experience I had today morning when Mr.Shanmugam of SIBELCO minerals came to our BNI INSPIRE chapter meet to deliver a speech on Business Communication.

The presentation started with a clear understanding of Agreements to be followed during the session which made us understand “This man means Business” and he clearly did mean business. It was one of the best professional speech I have attended and believe me I have been to many training, Seminars and Talks. He shared a few things about Proper Business Communication, when to say “No” to your clients and how to get into a proper agreement with your clients so that you never negotiate after the start of a project. He stressed on the point “never over-promise and under-deliver” – which is a common fact nowadays with many Indian companies. It was fun to hear that on an international level, Clients love to do agreement meetings with Indians’ the most because we agree to whatever the client says whereas in other countries getting into an agreement would be the most toughest thing. But the sad part is that once the agreement is made, reasoning and excuses starts pouring in.

We also had a talk on how to break free of our comfort zones and what we will achieve by doing so. Then came in the most interesting part of the session. A small exercise which turned into a big learning on how to categorise people or clients when you give a business presentation. The chart workouts were confusing when we started it but as the session moved on and we completed it, he gave us another chart which when compared to the scores arrived on the first chart gave us a clear picture on what category of people we are. A Promoter, A Controller, An Analyser or A Supporter. It was truly an eye opener.

Sharing a glimpse of the chart too,

We thank you sir for the wonderful session and insight.

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