Being specific is being terrific. There are 2 types of fishermen, one who uses the net to catch quantity and the one who uses hook to catch quality. Think where you belong..


Sriz tipz

Perseverance if not a virtue to any entrepreneur out there, your chances of survival is very feeble. Coz entrepreneuship means failure , failure, failure and then again failure for 1000 times when finally the biggest success embraces you.


I used to roam the sea shores of Kanyakumari in search of crabs. When I get one, I take it to a lab and try pouring acid over its shells. I did it for a research “Acid Resistance of Crab Shells” though now I feel sorry for the creatures. I used to run behind snakes


We all have heard that in-order to build a business, the entrepreneur should work 24/7/365 non stop. We have also heard, for becoming Successful, one has to come over loads of troubles and hardships. My understanding from my experience is, if you think this way, you are actually inviting negativity and hardships towards you. Business

Sriz business tipz #6

Don’t sell your product.. Sell yourselves and your product will automatically sell itself…

Market Tipz #5

There have been many people who ask me, what according to me is the hardest part of sustaining a company? What do you say? Investments? Office space? Marketing? Client handling? Servicing? Monthly overheads? To me none of these counts. My answer is “Setting up a company culture and instilling it among the employees so that they

Market Tipz #4

Anger and Fear are good people… But when they say hello to you, and you ignore them, they get hurt and strike back as frustration and desperation which can both bring your character and confidence down…

Market Tipz #3

Branding any business has to have focus on 3 main points. 1) Stick to the brand 2) Don’t miss the fun factor 3) Touch and play with emotions. To be more concise, it’s like how is branding themselves. Yes, this is a token of appreciation from my end for I have seen such keen

Market Tipz #2

Most startups nowadays aim on automating things with a team so that the founder can rest and command them. People, it doesn’t work that way. Treat your employees as your colleagues, your subordinates. You are the first employee of your company. Certain times you need to play the reverse game of entrepreneurship. That’s to treat

Market Tipz #1

If yesterdays learning slaps you at your face and shows a new path today, and still you are stubborn to travel the old one, just because it has comfortable sign boards named friends, family, partners, commitments, ethics, gratitude etc, then you are a great personality but a bad student..