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Im someone who dynamic and compassionate towards technical and marketing strategies I adopt for my clients and companies. I was able to frame a few theories focusing on Web Development, Sale and Marketing as well as Inter-Personal wellbeing. I head companies named Orchidcube Branding Consultants Pvt Ltd which is into branding and marketing consultation for my clients and Pranava Yoga Pvt Ltd which is into providing different styles of Yoga under one single roof. I also mentor a hand full of start ups on corporate and personal branding as well as Accounts structuring. I also head the marketing and admissions at Velammal Schools as a personal consultant. I’am a TA practitioner and find immense interest in mending psychological concepts into real world corporate development. Extending my personal interest in photography, painting and writing poetries, I love technical, fictional and crime based readings as well. I also love to indulge myself in debates, conversations and forums regarding latest and upcoming technology, Online Branding and Marketing.

Started my career as a JAVA/CPP trainer in NIIT and then being a Junior Web/App developer in Consim Info Pvt Ltd (Now named as after which ending up into a passionate Entrepreneur. Completed my BE in computer science and MBA in International Business Management, I’m still a student in various branches of Psychology like TA, NLP etc for past 7 years. Expert in Digital branding and marketing, I consult to handful of companies for their online and social media marketing strategies. 10+ years into the technical market has moulded me into a so called techie on sales who would love to share my personal journey and experience to people around.

“If yesterdays learning slaps on your face and shows you a different path, yet you choose the familiar old one, then you are a bad student of time” #MSS

Apart from these, I have also worked on few research papers on topics like

  • Superconductivity in Railway Levitation with cons of Liquid Nitrogen Usage
  • Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systematic Approach using Super Conductivity and Signal Transmission
  • Acid Resistivity of Crab Shells
  • Virtual Reality and Child Birth
  • Surface computing to advanced corporate lifestyle
  • Nano Technologically Engineered Bug Spies (CYBORG BEETLES)
  • Animal Relational Cycling for Entrepreneurship
  • 3 Circle Approach to Motivation
  • Scientific Study Behind Paranormal Activities
  • Negative Strokes on Boosting up Productivity
  • Ancient Science and Modern Technology