A Crocodile always instils a kind of fear in us. But, is it really fear? Seeing a crocodile never makes us as afraid as seeing a tiger or a snake. So, it can be rephrased as insecurity rather than fear. To articulate it short, a crocodile instils insecurity to people. But it’s still majestic and have a peculiar way of attracting people. These qualities are the next phase of an entrepreneurial journey.

The Crocodile Phase.

Being a wolf had already made you smart, cunning and competitor friendly. Now is your time to market to your niche segment, take your services to the elite category, improve your standards and brand value, and show off. Yes, the last word is what you have to concentrate on this segment. SHOW OFF.

Let me tell you in detail. Can you imagine the hunting style of a crocodile? It never run behind its prey, but selects a good water rich spot and waits for the hunt. The prey walks towards it rather than the croc going behind the prey. And once it concentrates on drinking water, the hunt begins. Think about the similarity. The point I wish to convey here is called Passive Marketing or Reverse Marketing. When you reach a stage where you win over your competitors, it is time for you to stop quacking like the goose of first phase, you should assign that work to your sales team. You should have by now trained your team to be the rabbit too and your technical team to become the Goat. You are still the wolf though. It is then your turn to project yourself in a very exponential way and maintain the standards.

It is in this phase that you should never go for an initial meeting with any client. You should maintain your prestige. Never expose your vulnerability at any point in this phase. For example, make sure you meet only the decision authorities or head of companies and only approved audience who had taken prior appointments can come and meet you. Meeting you and spending time with you should be a privilege reserved for only the worthy. You should be able to create this impression on people, even if not to all but to the major segment of the society.
Now that you have lured them stating that there is abundant water with you, get back silently and wait in the waters for the clients to come to you. You have not done any direct marketing, but you have therefore created an impression that you mean business and you serve the worthy alone. Believe me people will automatically start coming to you and once they come to your waters, it is your turn to just hold them in your waters as good clients. That you can do with your world class services.

So, an entrepreneur should be a crocodile at one phase to attract customers to your side. And the good thing is , these customers never bargain or negotiate.

Try this and let me know your feedback. And remember one thing, going directly to the crocodile phase never works. Go from the start. And the most aggressive part awaits you. Cheetah.

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