Where Does Blaming Come From?

A note on Indian Parenting.. On corporate or non-corporate scenarios, I find a lot of people  on a day to day basis who fail on one thing, Accountability. Being a consultant working closely with man power and power packed teams, I have always wondered why Accountability has become a not so common trait in the

How Good is Yoga?

Yoga is one of the most talked about word in the world now. It has become more popular than any other forms of fitness. But along with this popularity came in a lot of doubts regards to injuries caused, asana postures, whats the use of yoga over other forms of fitness etc. People often ask


Being specific is being terrific. There are 2 types of fishermen, one who uses the net to catch quantity and the one who uses hook to catch quality. Think where you belong..


Sriz tipz

Perseverance if not a virtue to any entrepreneur out there, your chances of survival is very feeble. Coz entrepreneuship means failure , failure, failure and then again failure for 1000 times when finally the biggest success embraces you.

Analysing People – Now, that’s never been this Easy

When you are about to attend a session, you obviously will be pumped up. When the speaker is been invited by you, it would be double good. And when the speaker is a person whom you consider as one of your own mentors? Wow. That is the experience I had today morning when Mr.Shanmugam of


A Crocodile always instils a kind of fear in us. But, is it really fear? Seeing a crocodile never makes us as afraid as seeing a tiger or a snake. So, it can be rephrased as insecurity rather than fear. To articulate it short, a crocodile instils insecurity to people. But it’s still majestic and


I used to roam the sea shores of Kanyakumari in search of crabs. When I get one, I take it to a lab and try pouring acid over its shells. I did it for a research “Acid Resistance of Crab Shells” though now I feel sorry for the creatures. I used to run behind snakes

A little more than an Auditor

A startup Entrepreneur don’t want a Motivational Trainer or a Business Coach. All they want is a good and supportive AUDITOR. Yes, this makes a huge difference. I find a lot of startup running behind trainers and training programs on creating wealth, doing great business, money management, brand value etc etc. But when the basics


As the animal theory states, you started quaking about your business to close circles in goose phase. You changed and improvised your looks, attitude and character and Started running far and wide spreading your quacks in outer circles. And then when people came to you as your customers you gave them daily milk, seasonal wool


We all have heard that in-order to build a business, the entrepreneur should work 24/7/365 non stop. We have also heard, for becoming Successful, one has to come over loads of troubles and hardships. My understanding from my experience is, if you think this way, you are actually inviting negativity and hardships towards you. Business