As the animal theory states, you started quaking about your business to close circles in goose phase.
You changed and improvised your looks, attitude and character and Started running far and wide spreading your quacks in outer circles.
And then when people came to you as your customers you gave them daily milk, seasonal wool and lifetime meat as your services.

If you would have done this so far perfectly, obviously your company would have started getting recognition in small scale level.

Now is the most important phase.


This is a phase where the competition begins and the competitors start noticing you and your company
You should be prepared to expect their disturbances, their jealousy, and under the table works to put you down
This is a phase where you should be as clever as a wolf.

Now share me the answer for this question..
What will be your reaction when you lose an order and you know that your competitor company is the reason for it?

My advice here would be,
On the path of success the first enemy you would face and the first one you need to defeat is YOURSELF.

In wolf phase, it is your duty to find about all your competitors and how unique are your products and services from them. If it is not unique, make some uniqueness.

As I always say to my clients, “your enemy (in this situation, your competitors) is as tough and as huge as your mind giving power to them. ”

So only when you know who your competitors are, you know where you stand. As I said before, this is a phase where you need to be as cunning as an wolf.

A best example is Google. Larry page got the first level of support funding from yahoo and when they came out with a search engine product, they were cunning enough to understand all the competition in the field and build something that was 10 time better than any search engines of that time.

As it is said in the book “zero to one”, you can sustain in a market only if you have an unique product with no competition or 10 times better the product or service than your competitors. Google falls under the second category.

So in wolf phase, you have 3 main phases

1. Understand and identify your competitors and competition.

2. Make your product and services 10 times unique or better than the competitors.

3. (This is the most important). Help your competitors.

Now, you may wonder why we should help our competitors. There is a small story in panchatantra for this. I’ll recite it from my memory here now.

In a forest there lived a lion, the King of the forest. He had 3 loyal servants as his ministers. .
A tiger
A bear and
A wolf

One day the lion after a complete day of hunting and work came back to his cave and approached his wife with sexual desires. As soon as he reached his wife, the wife moved away complaining about the bad odour of smell coming from the lion.

The lion taken aback from this comment, called his ministers and asked the tiger if he is smelly.

The tiger himself felt the bad smell but to flatter the king, he said the smell coming from lion is divine one and anyone who smells the odour would be mesmerised by its divinity.

The next second tiger said it, it fell down dead from a fatal blow from the king. Lion was furious with the lie told by the tiger.

He then asked the bear, the bear obviously taken aback and afraid from what happened to the tiger decided to be truthful and said the lion that he was smelling soo badly that the bear can’t even come near the king.

The next second the bear fell down dead. This time the lion was furious that how dare a minister tell that he was smelly..

Now he asked the wolf, the cunning wolf was already cautious about the experiences of Tiger and bear, gave a big sneezing and said that lion, “Your highness, I’m really sorry to tell this but for the past one week, I’m suffering from a bad cold and it would be really unjustful if you ask me a decision now. ”

The result, the wolf walked back home untouched.
Now what do you understand from this story is important. The lion is nothing but the market and competition you have.

A visionary entrepreneur need not be flattening to his clients and competitors and praise them thereby developing an inferiority complex in yourself. It will lead in failure.

And the visionary entrepreneur never should be too authentic and truthful in such situations of competitions as the bear.

It is under such situations that you need to learn to become an wolf. And becoming an wolf means to get out of the situation cleverly. You need to support your competitors making friends with them, thus knowing their steps and strategies. But be sure that none of your actions should hurt their development. Just do this to make sure you are on the right track and a step ahead of your competitors.

BE AN WOLF and “ADAPT” yourself to the competitive market because from the next stage of animal development would be the start of you ruling the market.

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