A little more than an Auditor

A startup Entrepreneur don’t want a Motivational Trainer or a Business Coach. All they want is a good and supportive AUDITOR. Yes, this makes a huge difference. I find a lot of startup running behind trainers and training programs on creating wealth, doing great business, money management, brand value etc etc. But when the basics are not strong, trust me, all these training would go into vein for you. All you have to do is to start with finding a good auditing firm, a very supportive auditor who takes that extra step to support you in your business. To me Mr.Gokula Krishnan of BP Rao & Co is the one. I got introduced to the field of business for more than 10 years now. Ill proudly say that I was no more than a self employed fool until I met Gokul who woke the real professional spirited entrepreneur in me.

People use the services of an auditor or rather remember about an auditor only when they have to file their personal and company returns once in an year. But it is not so guys. Auditor is an unavoidable entity in your organisation whose support you should seek on a regular basis. My auditor took an extra step in both my companies (Technical Development Company and the heavily invested Yoga Studio), and set a process in them. It is still going on. He helped me identify my pain points where I missed always and my strengths. I started taking bold decision professionally and understood the term “Calculated Risk” from him.

Now, if I ask you guys what your company’s annual turn over is? Gross profit margin is? Net worth is? Profitability is? Gross and Net revenue margin is?, most of you would not have a clue. But mind you, this guy made me understand that for every single entrepreneur, these are like primary math and science that should be on fingertips. Working with him made me understand that business projections are meant to be followed on a day to day basis and not only for Bank loans alone. Believe me, I went to my first investor meet without even having a look at the projections submitted and that day I understood my mistakes, my ignorance. From then on, I had tried hard finding every possible time that I can be with my auditor and learn from him about my business. Yes, I learn from him about my business because he understands my business better than me. It is the same in case of all good auditors.

For me he is my “Business Doctor” whom I consult on a very periodic basis. He has made my personal and official processes in perfect order, taught me how to set goals and achieve them in a structured way, how to maintain records and how to streamline the works I do on a day to day basis on regards to productivity scale. We often share training videos, chat about learning new stuff, share similar thoughts, and spend time together discussing business, technical, Personal Development and what not.

For me, my auditor has become a little more than an Auditor and I for sure have become much more than what i was before meeting him.

Thank you Gokul.

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