A Training on Presentation Skills

What a day it was.

A very high energetic BNI meeting in the morning to start the day with. It has now become a fact that I go to this meeting especially to recharge my batteries for the rest of the week. More networking , more business and more relationships. I always enjoy the closeness people give to me in this meeting. After the meeting, met an aspiring entrepreneur on regards to understanding his business more better.


The second half half of the day is where I felt like attending this training on Presentation Skills. Took the decision because the training on Leadership skills which I attended a few days back had great effects on me with my personal and professional lifestyle and the way I lead my team. So with the expectation set higher, I entered the training hall to find only the trainer and one attendee sitting there. As always I was on time , and my ‘on time’ means 15 minutes earlier to the meeting. I was rather disappointed to see only one attendee and the trainer didn’t ring a bell to me on first appearance. Or was my expectations set so higher ? Whatever…

I made some honest calls to my chapter mates being desperate to bring in a little more attendance. But within another 10 mins to 15 mins time , the hall had 10+ number of people, 2 of them from my chapter in BNI too. 4:30 was the said timing for the meeting and it didn’t start even at 5. Only then did I understand that the real training is at 5:30pm. 4:30 to 5:30 is pure networking time. I ran out of my cards and wasn’t able to give visiting cards to most of the members but I made sure I got all their cards to network after the meeting.

The meeting stared and I was already disappointed with the happenings that far. But the tide turned at the very first 5 minutes of the meeting. The first point in the training was an eye opener to me. It’s about the way we present ourselfs or rather introduce ourselves. I used to introduce myself generally as “I’m Srinath and I’m a web developer” , but the session was to ask “so what”. What’s the need for the listener to listen to you was the context.  I was trained to rephrase the sentence as ” im Srinath and I save your time ” . Now the questions come as “how do you do that?” And then I can tell by doing a website for you. This idea was revelutionary. To create a need in the listener to ask you more about your business. Smart move.

Following that was a total 4 hours of awesome ideas which made me realise that if I would have missed this workshop , it would have been a great loss for me. I even learned not to give visiting cards to people unless asked for it and how to remember a persons name easily and much more.

I sincerely thank Mr.Naresh who led the training session. He was seldom boring nor passive. The session was very informative and fun. Came out with a very good feedback passed to the trainer and expectation that I attend more trainings like this in future.

So, this is Srinath and I save your time..


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