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I had a call from the college i did my UG before 2 days. It was the current department HOD of Computer Science. She informed me that the principal of the college has been changed and the new principal is none other than the HOD of my department when i studied there. The call was regarding an invite to meet the current principal regarding some web designing order of the college. I went in for the meeting today and understood from the current CSE HOD that the college is looking for a redesign of their existing website and they wanted me to do it plus take care of the server and maintenance too. She was very happy saying this to me, but I had different plans.

I was given a very warm welcome by the now principal, then HOD of my department. He couldn’t identify me in first glance as I was on my Class 4 attire, strictly formal with my suits on. He was very happy for my growth as an entrepreneur and we shared mutual greetings with each other. A little personal stuff and we entered into business talk.

On this context, I’m actually the mentor for a group of aspiring students in the college from my computer science department called SWAT (Students Working on Advanced Technology). This group had already developed a decent website for the college which was not appreciated from the college management. I found this opportunity as not a sales pitch but much more than that. I suggested the Principal that I wouldn’t be taking the web development project. I would rather guide the students to improvise the website they have made and then submit it to the management. I found a couple of possibilities in this approach.

  1. The students will feel much more than happy which will earn me respect amongst them as a good leader
  2. The professional tweaking of the website will be a free training which I’m gonna give to the students from whom I can pick the best committed man power for my company
  3. I get free interns for my company
  4. The college website will be hosted in my server which will again be a sentimental attachment from the institution as I reduced the web development bill, but all i look forward is for the sustainable monthly maintenance bill from the college and not the one time development bill
  5. I shall be a good mentor to the college exercising my passion of mentoring more aspiring students in future

Now if you see if i had lost the sales order, Yes I have. But a simple entrepreneurial calculation made in my head during the process actually gained me more business in near future than the sales order which i lost. This is the world of Visionary Entrepreneurs for you. I had exhibited qualities of Emotional, Smart and Business oriented entrepreneurship today. Thanks to my fellow entrepreneurs who taught me all these.

Those business people who are reading this, understand one thing, Money or Sales Order lost is not always a loss, if structured with proper responses, it can always be more better prospects for you.

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  1. Nice to Hear from you all those things. Do some good things to our college. I Appreciate doing this. As a Alumni of our College Give some Suggestions to Produce Quality Students.

    • I shall for sure Man. Do visit sometimes too. It would be great.

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