A Dynamic Architect

Mr.Muthu Kumaran – Buddhi Architecture and Interiors Met this young champ the first time for one of my projects in AnnaNagar where I was looking far and wide for a open minded interior designer. The field of architecture and interior designing has grown to such an extend that we have pre-set solutions for all our

Why Websites (Part 1) - 5 things you need to know before creating your website

  Website is a very common term in the present world. Right from the .com revolution of the silicon valleys to the present day to day life, website in one way or the other play a vital role. If in the 90’s, having a website was a big brand mileage to companies, today it has

First lesson in human life.

The first thing a child does once it comes out of its mothers womb is CRYING. it does so because it is dependent. yes, the child is dependent on everyone around it for every single thing. and the way it conveys is through its only known language, CRY. but when the child grows and becomes

Major reality of teens.

Most people,(especially teens) fall in love only because they have to be engaged in a relationship. true love is just a phrase for many now. when people find their true love, they might already have a relation and commitment so that they fear to express it. many love dies so. Also, when a love fails,

CARE-everyone craves for !

  A small baby in its developing stage expects nothing else but care from everyone. It may even stop crying for serious ills when the baby thinks proper care is given to it. But is that the baby alone who craves for this CARE? no! every people in this world expects care from others in

Choosing life or Forcing life ?

Presently, many films are focusing on the parents forcing their goals and dreams on their children without allowing them to choose their own path. The cases may be so. But here let us spend a minute going deep into the mind of students in this subject. A parent does not simply force a dream onto


Character- the most important virtue that makes each human distinct. Let me first give a brief introduction about character. it is not simply the behavior or outer exposure of a person but it also include the way he/she thinks, decide things and picture the world around them. it’s normally said that “CHARACTER IS NOT READY


This is the most sensational question i would say. Can opposite sexes be friendly throughout? Some say they cant and many say they can. But what is the truth? Childhood days, days of innocence they are. Friendship will be so in those days. But when a guy and a girl enters to their teens, will


“A common, very common but most valued feeling in human hearts” “Human is a social animal and to say so, friendship dwells in them” It is not the overwhelming priority and sacrifice that one is ready to give the other but even a smile to a stranger invokes the feeling of friendship. As I have


Where do mind reside in our body? When modern science almost confirms that mind is related to our brain, even some of the developed nations with more than average literacy are relating mind to liver and heart. The prime importance given to liver in Tibetan and Scandinavian medical techniques proves this. From the time human