Market Tipz #3

Branding any business has to have focus on 3 main points. 1) Stick to the brand 2) Don’t miss the fun factor 3) Touch and play with emotions. To be more concise, it’s like how is branding themselves. Yes, this is a token of appreciation from my end for I have seen such keen

Market Tipz #2

Most startups nowadays aim on automating things with a team so that the founder can rest and command them. People, it doesn’t work that way. Treat your employees as your colleagues, your subordinates. You are the first employee of your company. Certain times you need to play the reverse game of entrepreneurship. That’s to treat

Market Tipz #1

If yesterdays learning slaps you at your face and shows a new path today, and still you are stubborn to travel the old one, just because it has comfortable sign boards named friends, family, partners, commitments, ethics, gratitude etc, then you are a great personality but a bad student..


Possessiveness is a common feeling that most of us and our fellow beings experience at many occasions in life. We often mistake possessiveness, care and love together. But this is actually a greediness to keep up your friend, things, and stuff within yourself and not letting it out. So before going in detail into judging

Kalankavu – A festival to get to your inner senses.

Attending a religious ceremony is a common thing to people based out to the southern part of India, especially in Kerala. Most fortunately, after many months, yesterday I got to attend one such custom. The place was a temple devoted to “Bhagavathy”  which refers to female goddess in Hindu tradition, in a place called Kallikadu,