I used to roam the sea shores of Kanyakumari in search of crabs. When I get one, I take it to a lab and try pouring acid over its shells. I did it for a research “Acid Resistance of Crab Shells” though now I feel sorry for the creatures.
I used to run behind snakes just to learn their land vibration sensitivity function in-order to make a similar one for visually challenged people.
Both these are still not a successful research or now when I think of it were not researches at all. But I’m still happy that I went crazy in thoughts and action for these.
A very successful person must go crazy. He must break free of his/her comfort zone, cultural and habitual barriers and do things as he feels and loves. Success would obviously be his destination.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving them.

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